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New Zealand Search Engines
Te Puna Web Directory New Zealand Pages Access New Zealand
Anzwers Aust/NZ Alta Vista NZ Google New Zealand
What's On NZ Universal Business Directory New Zealand Sites
  Index New Zealand  

Leading World Search Engines
Alta Vista (Weight) Google (Links) Yahoo
InfoSeek GO Lycos Excite
Search Com All of the Web Hot Bot by Lycos
About Com Webcrawler Vivisimo (Clustering)
Scrub the Web Mooter (Clustering) Snap from NBCi
Search Fast MSN Search Netscape Search
Open Directory (Human) Ask Jeeves IWon Search
Ask Mamma   Temona (Expert)

Specialist Search Engines
  Ask an Expert Journalism
Direct Search (Academic) Complete Planet (Directory) Quick Found (General)
Info Mine (Academic) Search Guide Librarians Index
Search Engine Spy   Search Ability (SE Tips)

Children's Search Engines