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  Understanding the lessons your life is teaching you.  

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A short history of ATE.

John Stephen Veitch studied business economics and innovation.  He is an innovator and a thought leader.  If we are to have an Open Future© we have to adopt certain appropriate mind sets and behaviours.  We do know the principles involved, but these ideas are seldom implemented.  On the left you see a list of important topics.  The concept, an Open Future©, integrates all those ideas: understand them together.  If you can change the future is open. 

How do you learn from the life you are living?  Much of what we "know" is either wrong or unreliable.  By keeping records, by counting and measuring the things that interest you, fact can slowly be separated from fiction.  The biggest barrier to success is "what you know" that isn't valid.  Sometimes common sense, is nonsense.  Sometimes what we have been taught is nonsense.  Sometimes we have the right idea, but we can't explain it clearly yet.

My own way of finding out for myself was to keep a journal, but there other effective methods, like networking or having mentors. 

Experience is a rigorous teacher.  Every time we try something new we discover something else that doesn't quite work in the way we expected.  Another chance to Adapt to Experience.