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One of the joys of the internet is the way people with good ideas, who produce quality material slowly learn to recognise each other.  This process is enhanced by cross reference to the work other people have produced with suitable links.  To make that worthwhile the pages one links to should be more or less permanent.  In my own case I've always tried to maintain page names without change over many years, even if the content on that page was edited several times.

If you maintain your own web space and you would care to link to any page inside please feel free to do so.  You can be confident that the page will remain available.

You should do this as a service to your own readers, not to please me.  What will be USEFUL to them?  I'm not prepared to build links to any Index Page, just to build up your exterior links. There MUST be a purpose that HELPS the user.  Please don't ask me to link to your MLM programme or to your instant cash pyramid scam.  ATE won't give you that sort of support.

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Here is a list of pages that may be valuable to you:
Any Page Directly Linked from this Index page
A list of Children's Search Engines
Internet for Newbies - Lots of help
Keeping your Own Data - Journal Writing
The Creative Pathway
Innovation - The Cutting Edge
Your Own Primary Experience is Critical
Running Out of Gas
Measurement in Business
Choosing to Follow, Choosing to Know, Choosing to Lead
Creating an Open Future
Open Future Blog
Innovation Index
The Learning Challenge
The Problematique
The Atom Model
Networking for Business
Learning Occurs in Groups
Notes for Effective Networking
Expressing Your Own Voice

Of course I'd be delighted to link to you in some appropriate way.  Please suggest a page or a site I should look at.  I need a page that would be of interest to my readers, who are a mixed bunch but mostly business focused or thinking about arts, culture and politics.

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