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An Original DocumentThe Terror of Unpaid Debt
Most of the world's current debt will never be repaid.

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In the last 60 years the IMF and the World Bank, both effectively controlled by the USA as the major lending nation have offered development loans around the world.  The history of these loans makes sad reading.  Very little of the money was used for the intended purpose.  Individuals effectively stole it and nations were given the task of repayment of the loan, plus interest. 

It's worse, because as part of the deal these countries were forced into a strong form of market liberalisaton that the USA itself refuses to accept.  This required balanced budgets, privatisation of government businesses, cuts in social services, increases in interest rates and mass unemployment.  The effect is of course to cause a collapse of property prices, and the bankruptcy of many people.  This brings many assets to the market at bargain prices.  It's just too cynical to suggest where the buyers of those assets might come from.  Is this legalised theft?  Probably.

We see a similar process within countries.  Banks are only too keen to lend people money.  Credit card debt is at dangerous levels.  Households are overinvested in real estate.  All is well until something happens to disrupt one's income flow.  Then the debt becomes a gun aimed at your head.  Excessive debt is like a prison sentence that keeps you working to keep the cash flowing. 

Private and public debt in the USA are at unsustainable levels.  There will be a correction.  That will be painful, not just in the USA. 

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