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None of us can imagine the world as it really is.  Separation of the truth from the fiction about the complex topic called globalisation is difficult.  We have to invent a better future.

America acts as though the process of globalisation will inevitably lead the whole world to adopt American ideas and principles.  But there is enormous resentment towards the USA in most parts of the world.  The USA is seen as a bully with selfish and exploitative objectives.  The size of the USA's military budget and the willingness to use the military to "protect America's interests" is a cloud on the horison.  America can't be controlled.  The question is, "Can America become a democracy and learn to control itself?"

Terrorism isn't the key problem.  Poverty, injustice and the lack of effective democratic means to improve local communities is the real problem.  Underemployment, insecure jobs, and sweatshop jobs are a curse on every country.  Hopelessness is a widespread reality.  Economic growth, as commonly understood is not a viable solution.  Steady-state Economics might be a solution.

Good governance is an essential key to making any progress.  That seems to pose a challenge nobody wants to face.  We might begin by making the United Nations a democratic organisation.  That means removing the power of veto, and installing a voting system that's more representative of world populations.

Limits to Growth Diagram
Limits to Growth

The timing one can agrue about, the principle is sound.