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I studied economics the seek the answer to "Life the universe and everything" (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).  In the 1970's every problem was blamed on some obscure economic reality.  I wanted to make a difference, to be useful.  That's still my primary objective.

All our economic woes are CAUSED by people.  The system is driven by propaganda rather than information.  We could do much better if only people could correctly frame the problems they were trying to resolve.  We don't understand opportunity cost, we seek to avoid real costs, and "somebody else" is always to blame.  We insist on living in a dream world where "positive thinking" is a virtue.  We choose not to deal with reality.  We prefer our own myths.

The discipline of Economics recognise's three sets of rules.  Political laws, natural laws and economic laws.  Every government uses political laws to modify the effect of both natural laws and economic laws.  They try to capture and retain power for themselves and their financial backers.  Economic and environmental principles are usually ignored. ("There are no limits in the USA". - Pres. Ronald Reagan)

Economists have generally argued that this is a mistake.  But in the short term politicians know they can buy votes by robbing people who don't vote.  They also rob the future to pay the present, and they happily destroy the environment in favour of easy cash today. 

Governments can commit theft on a grand scale.  Correcting problems like that goes to the heart of economics and to the heart of politics, to the heart of what it means to be human.  Economic mismanagement is a well practiced art. 

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