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The maintenance of healthy soils, air and waterways is critical to the sustenance of the local environment.  Modern economics devalues production for self sustenance, or land preservation purposes.  Only production that produces cash value is considered to be important. 

This creates pressure towards local mono crops.  Such practices are destructive of soils and make the local area susceptible to crop diseases and pest destruction.  Deforestation, over-fishing and mining are driven by similar forces. 

There's something wrong with the economic system where destruction of the environment is a pre-requisite for "success" and where even then, primary producers fail to earn satisfactory incomes.  I don't have any satisfactory solutions. 

Some how we need to find ways to make harvesting conservation and growing diverse crops and environmental maintenance cash producing.  This requires a whole new way of thinking about what optimal primary production means. 

Better thinking is another type of "primary production" that we need to consider.  The human mind is a mine which potentially can produce enormous productivity.  However, to achieve that we need to put much more emphasis on real education, and to work much harder to understand what our real opportunities are. 

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