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You Become What You Think About

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Experts in human development have said, "We become what we think about most". www linkOur dominant ideas become reflected in the person we are becoming. In this sense we really do choose who we will become. "The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice." (George Eliot) Reading, or listening to the radio, or watching a film, is only a first stage of the learning process. To learn something you must engage with the topic.

You Become What You Do
The late www linkProfessor Graham Nuthall of Canterbury University, in New Zealand was an expert in classroom behaviours. It's his claim that children in school only learn what they do. No matter what the topic is, a few days later, (often a few minutes later) everything they were told or read about the topic has been forgotten. You can use that understanding in your daily life.

Make it your practice each day to do something to help you engage with some new data or information that interests you.

Write a note about it. Tell a friend. Explain the idea to a stranger. Research the idea. Prepare a fact and opinion file. Essentially DO SOMETHING.

If you are a member of www linkan online social network, sharing what you are learning with the network has triple value. You work hard to make sense, you help others to engage with you on this topic, and you may get some useful personal feedback.

Graham Nuthall
Professor Graham Nuthall
Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit
for services to education.