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The www link"Information Society" is a non-starter because governments and businesses and far too many individuals have a vested interest in making sure that you are so distracted by dis-information that you have no time and energy to do anything really useful or important. 

Information literacy includes these things together: the confidence to build your own knowledge, to maintain private records of interesting data, to collect important ideas, to discuss your interests with others in an effort to build your own understanding, and to put on public record, if required, your present understanding or knowledge.  These things, together form a set of information literacy skills that everyone has a right to learn and to use. 

Widespread information literacy in the community would enable a process of continuous community learning.  Information literacy could act like a catalyst that enables social and political change. 

A significant problem is the word Information itself.  If the new data misleads you, makes you believe something that isn’t true, or interferes with your ability to act effectively it’s certainly not "information". 

Our education system teaches us to ignore what we know and seek information from "expert sources".  We have been taught to be vegetables, passive but actively absorbing other peoples manure (their dodgy data) that's poured over us every day.