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Each of us has to learn to read again on the Internet. The right way to read most web pages is simply to scan the text. Is this Interesting? Is this useful? Then you need to decide what to do with it. I find the text on most web pages difficult (impossible) to read.

You must decide if there is something of exceptional value on any page. If there is, how can you best capture that? Printed pages are easy. This does create a paper war, but that can be managed.

If you can't easily print, write a note in your diary or journal. The simple act of making a note will help you to remember the key points. The task if considering what to include and what to exclude is a non-trivial activity critical to learning.

When you have good data on a topic that interests you, opportunities will occur to offer your knowledge to others. If you do that in a Local filesocial network or in a www linkToastmasters Club, or in your business network, people will give you feedback on your developing understanding. When your knowledge is new, finding the right words to express it can be difficult. Practice improves this ability.