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Using the Internet to Earn an Income

A Difficult Art Very Few People Understand

Ernesto Sirolli, predicts that more and more of us will end up working from home in the future. That will be true even if we are working for a major company. The problem is that most people can't seen to find a foothold online that earns any money.

Here are some principles you need to understand. There are hundreds of sites that will take your money, while offering you great rewards that you never get. THINK. Is there a real business here? Does the company sell something of VALUE? What is that exactly?

Meaningful Work

Who are You? What Strengths do You Have?

Get a Job or Build a Network?

Your Own Business Start-up?

What About Multi-Level Marketing?

What is the Product or Service You Offer?

Scam's, Pyramids, Matrixes, Lotteries, and other online frauds

In eighteen years of working online, I've seen a lot of scam's but they are not common in the networks I frequent, and the people I know are mostly very aware of them. However when I met the people doing MLM, I quickly came face to face with people who had been tricked and duped, over and over, trying to make money online. I wrote a page I called Scam Central, (I've taken it down.) that looked at 34 web sites recommended to me as "business opportunities". Twenty five of those were clearly scams. After two years, from 34, only three seem to be still running. Many of the old URL's have been taken over for other purposes, running a different scam, or held by a firm marketing domains, or now it's porn site.

Seven other sites I thought were doubtful, and should probably be illegal. Of those only one still exists two years later, and that one sells "leads" to subscribers.

Two businesses that looked to me like they may be legitimate, have gone.

All in all the online prospects for creating an income for people with time and limited skills is very poor. I strongly suggest that you try to do something in the real world, rather than attempt to make money online.

Five pages that may help you to identify scams.
Pyramid Schemes Fantastic Rewards Inspired Living Mystery Shopping Multi Level Marketing