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If the scheme is described as a matrix, RUN.

The Internet is full of scams, pyramid schemes and useless ventures.

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Inspired Living Application

An Australian friend wrote:

“I need to pay 9.95 monthly till the autofill pays the $9.95.”

I replied:

Hello Xxxxx. It's a great scam. It might make the organisers a LOT of money. Here's how it works.

We can't tell how long it will take to fill the matrix at each level, a few days or a week or a month or more. Lets assume about a month. By the time the first matrix is filled there are just over 3000 people involved. At the time the first person gets a really big cheque, the company has collected $48,000 and Paid out only $13,000.

Assuming your cheques come once a month they will be. $3.00 $10.00, $13.00 $21.00, $32.00, $105.00 and a big fat one of $2,406.00. So why the bias towards the beginning and the end? In the beginning they are paying $10 quite quickly to keep people "IN".

Meanwhile the pool of participants has grown hugely.

Some people, perhaps lots of people will get to collect $2,406 a month for a short time. But for every one doing that there are more than 3000 people waiting in line. For each one who gets to the top of the line there are three thousand more in the queue.

Very quickly this thing will go bust. But the organisers will have many thousands, perhaps millions, that when the crash comes won't be traceable anywhere.

When 2000 people are getting a pay out there are close to 7 million people in the line, paying in. How long do you think that's going to last?

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