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Doing anything that's hard to do requires focus and commitment.

Creating Meaningful Work for Yourself

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Do it Yourself- Cutting Expenditure

A significant number of people are finding that they need to work after their official retirement age. Often they need money for the replacement of domestic appliances, or transport, or for medical or dental procedures.

Even if there is no urgent need to earn money, people do need to be active and to feel that they are doing something useful. In addition, the social contact that comes from working with other people is a valuable input into ones life.

Here's a list of things we do for ourselves. Homemaking, parenting or grand-parenting, gardening, home maintenance, home cooking, exercise, being engaged as citizens, care giving to others, being socially engaged.

A dollar saved is much better than a dollar earned.

Building your Network

Nobody succeeds alone. When you get a job, you join someone else's team, and you get paid for helping that team achieve an objective. One way to build an alternative to a job, is to build you own network and to create you own team.

Some of us are very well equipped to do that. We have specialist skills and knowledge and we can be of value to prospective clients.

We build the base of our network by talking to people. The objective is to find common interests and common values, and to seek ways to help each other. Often this process may involve using someone who is a connector, who finds the people who should be connected, and helps to introduce them. The objective in the longer run is to enable these people to engage in collaborative work.

If you want to become a specialist connector, you probably need to begin in an industry you know well, and become a specialist in that field. Building your own network will increase your knowledge and your ability to reach out to other people. When you begin to ask people for more detail about what they are doing, you need yourself to be a credible person.

Network Building involves partly a process of name finding and address building. That sort of network can get very large very quickly, but the power of the network is low, because there is no mutual commitment.

As individuals we are not trained - nor are we well equipped for the diversity of global networks. The opportunity to collaborate in new productive ventures exists, but it's seldom captured. Networking gives you a new context, a perspective, and new knowledge. That should give you a better chance to make good decisions.

We are not good at networking. Opportunity exists and passes by unseen. Collaboration has the potential to unlock these unseen opportunities.

Finding out what Others Need

Part or your network will be strong enough for you to begin talking to people about their passions and their needs. The question in mind, has to be, what will create value for them. The result should be something outstanding that they can't achieve for themselves.

Think about the structure of a company. People join a company and they are paid and supported while they learn how the system works, until they become productive within the system. In networking we have to create a situation where people are supported in their engagement with the network until they can begin to generate value for each other.

Build a spread sheet. Make 20 cold calls every day. Talk to people, and record their ideas. Find out what people need, and seek ways to help. Record what you've discovered in writing. Build your knowledge.

Some Meaningful Objectives

Healthy children

Vibrant thriving neighbourhoods

Mentoring young people.

Intact - supportive families


Safe local streets

Build a network of technical consultants.

Mentoring business start-ups.

Five "C's" of Collaborative Success

Communicate what needs to happen
Connect the people who need to connected
Collaboration needs support until people experience success
Capitalise on the diversity of the group
Communicate benefits and new knowledge

Restating the above in another way. Imagine a desirable general objective.
Who would benefit from that?
Get these people together and encourage them to talk.
Support any potential for collaboration.
Make something happen.
Communicate the benefits.

Ask lots of questions about their business and about them. Do not try to sell your own idea. Try to find people with real products or services.

Here is a printable version of this page.