Adapt to ExperienceWhat Product or Service do you Offer?

What is your Service?

Someone's Business Offer? What is the Product or Service they Offer?

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A business DOES something useful, in return for money. You can identify most scams by this simple test. What useful thing does this company produce?

With online money making scams the most common answer seems to be, "you can't tell". Or it's advertising, or books, or information, films, or membership. On the Internet people are giving away the very best quality information, many of the best books are available online for very little money, and You Tube is packed with high quality video. Selling this sort of product online, is unlikely to be profitable.

Can advertising and membership be sufficient revenue streams to support your income?

Online the potential amount of advertising space is endless. There is unlimited supply, and hence the value of online advertising space is close to zero. (Ask yourself how often do you click on an online advertisement?) Google, Double-Click and a tiny number of other firms are a special case. They don't sell space. They have the ability to put targeted small captions on specific pages, changing the advertisement depending on the visitor. That precision of delivery is what they are selling.

As for Membership, what are you joining? Most online groups and communities of practice are free to join. Those which are not charge very little. You are not going to get rich selling membership, except perhaps at the top end of the market where the fees are several thousand dollars. In that case they are selling exclusivity.

Almost all online scams promise some sort of payment scheme based on a matrix. Your position in the "money making" programme depends on your position in the matrix. These schemes are not businesses, they are pyramid schemes, disguised as something else very often. The people who organise these schemes belong in prison. The people who invest in these schemes deserve to lose their money. THINK, if there's an easy dollar for no service, someone's getting shafted, and quite likely it's you.

Building Your own Business

Selling someone else's programme: If you know of a really good product, and you are willing to recommend it to other people and prepared to WORK at finding new customers for the company, there may be a small income to be earned. A small number of companies have a programme to do this, but don't limit yourself to that. Who is a really good supplier in your view? Someone local who you KNOW, and who knows you? Ask them, will they be willing to pay for new customers introduced? Work with them to develop a programme where you contact people in some organised fashion. If this begins to work, you might be able to turn it into a job, or a contract that will give you a bit of security.

Services solve problems that people cannot easily solve for themselves.

What is your Service?

Services that you provide arise from some special skill or ability that you have developed. So you can do something fairly easily, that other people find difficult. That can be the basis of your new business.

Alternatively you can make an effort to do something small and local that's really helpful to people who live near you.

Products are goods that people cannot easily make for themselves.

To make a product you normally have to have a production facility and tools.

To sell someone else's product you need to have a supply line.

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