Adapt to ExperiencePyramid Schemes Fool People.

Pyramid Schemes are Common

The Internet is full of scams, pyramid schemes and useless ventures.

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An online friend in Australia was earnestly seeking ways to make money online. This is the list of "pyramid schemes" that he looked at.

Wow-Paid : Shut down before I got there.

Global Advertising Business : This is a pyramid scheme. It's a scam. However it's probably legal. They make it very clear that when you pay your money you are buying 10,000 advertising points.

I'll quote a lot from the site below. The basic scam is well described. The "binary matrix" is said to be the basic concept of the industry. Wrong. The basic idea of this scheme and thousands like it, is this. The organisers get paid and thousands or others go bust. Pyramid schemes are illegal in New Zealand and many other counties. That's why people try to disguise them as something else. Note that this scheme seeks to make itself legal by "selling advertising". In another scheme below they try to pretend it's multi-level marketing.

“Question: I UNDERSTAND THERE’S SOME ADVERTISING INCLUDED WHEN I BUY A UPGRADE? Yes that’s correct. Every Upgrade you buy is actually a purchase of advertising so that makes this system 100% legal. For every upgrade you’ll receive advertising credits.”


“You can use these credits on our site for banner ads and/or text ads to promote your program, business or whatever you want to promote as long as it’s no porn, hatred or racist content.”

“Question: CAN I GET A REFUND? Please understand that you are purchasing our product (Ad credits) and this is made available to you instantly by our system. AS such, we do not offer any refund. Please read and agree to our terms and conditions before you purchasing/Upgrading . If you do not agree, please do not purchase.”

“Question: What is a Binary Matrix?”
“This is a basic concept in of the entire Industry.”
“In Binary Matrix a person needs to bring new affiliates in the business under his/her account. The person has to make a pair, one on the left side and one on the right hand side. By doing this the person will be qualifying for his first income i.e. 5 USD. That's it. you have given a great start now you will earn on others’ efforts. The Question is how?”
“Simple you have 2 sides one is left and one is right.”

The real question is how is any real value being created? Try this simple experiment.
Put two $5 notes in your shirt pocket. Transfer $5 to the right hand trouser pocket, and $5 to the left hand trouser pocket. That's the basic "binary matrix" they describe. How much money have you made? Repeat as often as you like. Are you any richer?

The basic problem is that there is no value being created, there is no product and no service.

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World Pre-Launch

Below I re-publish their own advertising. Note that they claim that the scheme is legal and that it's a multi-level marketing programme. I don't think the organisers are confused, but they certainly intend to confuse you.

It's a pyramid scheme; here are the details.

“History in the Making”

“What is the secret behind those successful people that make $20,000 to $30,000 EVERY MONTH from the MLM Industry?”

“Well 90% of them entered into a MLM company with a ready-made network, and they HIT THE GROUND running. Well NOW it’s your chance to do the same.”


“How it Works”

“Our aim is to have 100,000 people from around the World ready for our World Prelaunch...

Be part of it... Build your Team Now!

We have taken a radically different approach to building an MLM organization. I am sure you are aware that unless you have a team beneath you, you will make nothing from a MLM business regardless of how good the opportunity is.

Our years of experience have shown us what works and what does not.

For the FIRST TIME in the industry of Network Marketing we have turned the business building process upside down and we are going to put the “NET” into NETwork marketing - unlike anything you have ever seen before.

We have combined the “Power of the Internet” and the simplicity of a “Binary System” to create the PERFECT business building system unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen before – and trust us, this system will create huge spill over for you.

We have used the Power of the Internet to reach out to the millions of people around the world to help YOU build and develop a Global Team.

You will be able to use our FREE system to build your team BEFORE you are offered the FULL opportunity.

By using our FREE system you will have many benefits

Build a team of 1000’s BEFORE you are offered the FULL opportunity on launch day.

When you take up the FULL opportunity with a ready made team beneath you can start making money immediately.

You will have your own FREE back office to view your PERSONALLY sponsored people.

See your potential $$$$$$ income EVERY day.

See people from around the world joining beneath you in your team.

See the growth in your team EVERY day.

You will enjoy spill over from around the world to help build you team.

Log in daily to see tips and advice on building your business over the internet, such as: how to use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Swom, and all the social media sites, SEO, lead generation on the internet, building your business on Skype, blogging, using Fiverr, video marketing, how to build your team with your Global Prelaunch website and much more.

World Prelaunch Opportunity”

My Australian friend was excited by this one. He wrote:

Try this John. The Number of People Enrolled After I joined is 6334. Should they all join at launch (at $9.95 a month.) that is worth in excess of $100,000 to me.

They want a 100,000 people to join by launch date, on 18/03/2013. No cost at present in pre-launch mode

No details in launch mode as yet I pray I can proceed with them and get at least some fun from it in the end.

Number of People Enrolled After me sit at : 6449 while $103,184 is my potential Income I will make on launch day if all those that have enrolled AFTER I join the official opportunity

I replied as follows:

So what's the product Xxxxxx?

How does the $103,184 you will have earned get generated?

Xxxxxx replied:
No further details till launch that is to issue just look at "how it works". The cost is just 16.30 per member.

The pre-launch numbers never stop growing now up to 6517, after I joined. I have no knowledge of numbers before I joined.

I am clutching at anything that could help me get out of a hole.

You can see how people, desperate for extra income get caught. Their need for cash makes them blind to what they are getting into. They end up being worst off.

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Inspired Living Application

I need to pay 9.95 monthly till the autofill pays the 9.95

This one is very elaborate and I've given it a page of it's own.

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