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In every facet of life there is a process of innovation going on.  

In business in particular the process of innovation is your potential opportunity to gain some marginal advantage over other sellers.  That advantage may for a short time produce super-profits.   Innovations tend to be dependent on new knowledge. 

Producing art that's unique and original, is a sure way to distinguish yourself.  But being unique is a necessary but not sufficient distinction to make the work saleable.  Innovation always carries some element of risk, failure is highly likely.  But there is a strong upside even to failure, you learn unique lessons that give you a strategic advantage for making new innovative attempts.

Innovation is always driven by a champion, someone who sees what needs to be achieved clearly enough to become an advocate for that.  But most modern innovations are the product of many people working as a team and using several different forms of specialist knowledge.  Most modern innovations are new services rather than new industrial products.

The "problematique" suggests why modern innovations are likely to be complex.  An engine for instance must be powerful, durable, easy to maintain, and fuel efficient; but also capable of running on "green fuels" and low cost, and recyclable. 

The Problematique - Club of Rome
Everything is connected to everything else.