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Creativity is not the result of being free.  10,000 unrelated ideas have no value.  Value exists in a few critical ideas integrated into a product or service that is useful. 

Any new knowledge is always hard won and must be paid for in advance.  We pay in time, commitment, and effort.  The cost is the other things not done, the cash diverted from something else, the time spent developing interpersonal links with a circle of peers who encourage you and may perhaps be helpful. 

Nothing exists until it is discovered by you, there are no shortcuts.  New ideas and products start vague and fuzzy and only slowly become something one understands.  The hand and the mind work together in the process of discovering the world.  In the world of creative endeavour there are infinite ways to lose and only a few ways to win.  So I self censor my thinking, the cost of real change just too great for most people to willingly undertake.  Essentially this is why we can't innovate.  We censor ourselves to preserve the values and ideas that we cherish.

One of the most difficult tasks for innovators is knowing when to hold on, and when to let go of the project.  Fortunately for the innovator market failure is never the end.  Valuable lessons are always learnt.  You live to play again, with better skills.

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