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Innovation and Creativity Links

You might think that on the cutting edge of development, the Internet would be a good source of materials and information about innovation.  Sadly that's not the case.  There are many poorly resourced start up activities like the one you are reading now.  There are a few better resourced but not very innovative projects.  There are hundreds (thousands) of people with weak ideas and poor business understanding trying to make a fortune off the back of other people's good ideas.  I've searched for good links and found few. 

Moreover the links in this area are unstable.  In 1997 there were 20+ working links on this page.  In 2003 only three of those links still functioned.  If some of these links are broken, that's about what I'd expect. 

These links were revised again in March 2005.  Of ten good links in 2003, only two remain viable.  Innovation is a highly unstable topic.  I notice though several government efforts to focus on innovation.

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