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Living on the Frontier

A discussion about innovative pioneering

  Understanding the lessons your life is teaching you.  

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The Person
Progress isn't made by lovable people, it's made by tenacious, strong and pragmatic people.  Nobody bothers to explain that great creative thinkers usually have very difficult lives.  Life on the frontier is complicated by the lack of maps.  The creative person needs to work very hard for freedom from dogma, from pseudo information, and from the things that "everyone knows" that eventually prove to be wrong. 

Intrinsic Interest
Innovators find something of interest and investigate it deeply.  They focus on practical tasks in a real world, and often find that there is more to achieving the intended objective than expected.  The process of finding a way forward raises some questions, which one tries to answer using the accepted methods.  What happens when your work fails?  What then?  For most people, nothing.  They self censor knowledge of the problem and move on to something else.  People see what they expect to see.  But innovators treat that problem like a golden piece of jigsaw, and treasure it until they find where it does fit. 

Exploring the Territory