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Innovation and the Innovator

  Understanding the lessons your life is teaching you.  

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Innovation doesn't just happen, an innovation is the result of daring to live and work within a new paradigm.  The qualities of innovators are not appreciated.  Innovators prove hard to work with, they ask too many questions, they are too independent.  Innovators disturb the status quo, they are capable of changing things.  Many of our best innovators are among the unemployed, trapped outside the work force. 

Innovation is a personal activity.  Groups don't have ideas, people do.  Other people can and must help, contact with like minded peers is essential and the support of a mentor can be vital.  Innovation is not the result of 100,000 monkeys randomly typing.  Innovation happens when one prepared person gets a vague insight and works on it to develop a workable proposal. 

The essential power-house of any community is what people do as volunteers.  Every innovator begins as a volunteer.  To make progress he/she must become an advocate, a team builder, a mentor and a finder of resources.  Modern innovations are likely to be team events.  The ability to build and sustain that team is critical.  The champions inability to talk to people about the idea is often a problem preventing progress.