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Veech Innovation Model

  Understanding the lessons your life is teaching you.  

  The Champion

  Veech Innovation
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This is a very brief outline of the Veech Innovation Model . 

Personal Effort
The project champion is the person who has a vision of the completed task and the energy to push the project forward. 

The best Information
In the process of doing the work new facts will become known.  Problems that were never imagined suddenly appear.  Every project has a hiding hand, something will go wrong. 

Community Support
All new ideas are very fragile in the beginning.  The initial reaction to a "new idea" is a very poor guide to it's real potential.  Users or customers are critical to the success of every innovation.

Even the best ideas need real resources.  In the beginning keep costs very low.  Once you ask for help, particularly for substantial amounts of money, the clock starts ticking on the completion date.

Success is still not certain.  However, even failures have value, you learn a lot from an honest failure.

Veech Innovation Model
Veech Innovation Model
An information based success model