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By John S Veitch

To succeed as a nation - Learning is critical

You Become What You Think About

Economist www linkLester Thurow: "To avoid in future paying Bangladesh wages to everyone we need to re-educate and retrain half the population." We choose what we are interested in and hence what we know. Likewise the same process has chosen what we are ignorant about. You are the only source of your own understanding, you choose your knowing and you choose your ignorance.

Learning all you need to know

The message is clear, and those who understand what's happening know they have to be forearmed with knowledge. Each of us has to take
www linkresponsibility for our own learning and our own future. Hopefully the firms we work for will recognise our developing knowledge and use our skills. Alternatively, the firm we work for might fail to adapt, you might be facing a quite different future. Will you have the skills some other firm needs? Will you be able to start on your own if you need too?

For me, it's really about trusting my own instincts. I believe that if I'm diligent and If I engage with the world and with my work in a sensible and disciplined way that I will learn the things I need to know, and that knowledge will be available to me when I need it. I have no proof that such is the case, but it seems to be working, and I have faith in my own choices.

Employment for the rest of us may be largely dependent on what this elite group can achieve. World wages are heading to a broad but low level.
www linkLabour is cheap, and that will be the general experience. In the lifetime of most of us, oil will become expensive. Environmental problems may mean that some risks like flood and storm or www linkepidemic infections are beyond insurance in many areas of the world.


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