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By John S Veitch

Becoming Citizens of the World

Why Join Ryze?

In a modern world you need to be connected, partly to be connected to people you know, but also to be connected to groups of people who are doing interesting things.

www linkRyze is a business/social network mostly made up of people who have dreams for themselves and who are trying to find ways to move forward. Yes it's true that Ryze has among it's members people who have been very successful and are well known names, but they are very quiet. They may hide under a pseudonym, and they won't identify themselves. Most of the members of Ryze are www linkdeveloping new futures for themselves.

Joining a network like Ryze allows you to find other people, and it allows other people to find you. If you do little else, you should join for that reason.

There are around 200,000 members on Ryze.

There are about 800 active networks you might join. 20 would be quite enough to keep you busy and informed.

There is no cost for ordinary members, and you can be quite effective without becoming a fee paying member.

March 31
April 30
July 31
New Zealand 539 572 604 554
Auckland 261 273 282 295
Tauranga 5 6 6 6
Rotorua 5 6 6 6
Hamilton 14 16 20 15
Hastings / Napier 5 7 7 7
Palmerston North 4 6 6 5
Wellington 65 72 72 68
Nelson 4 5 5 5
Christchurch 38 38 39 34
Dunedin 6 7 8 8
Other 133 136 143 105
Ryze Business Networking
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