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In 1986 I came across this quote which was written in the Journal of Waldo Salt, American film-maker, in large letters across one page.  "To search for the truth, you must first have lost it."  I realized that for a long time (15 years) I had been revising and recovering the truth that I had lost. 

Membership is Critical
There may be no question more important than to rethink the whole idea of who is (and who can be) a member?  A world divided between "us" and "them" is a dangerous place.  You are who you are because of other people have accepted or rejected you as a member

Self Knowledge you can Trust
There's a long journey from becoming responsible for your knowing and for your not knowing, to having self knowledge you can trust.  All the things we know that are not in fact true, prevent us from seeing what is true.  I've discovered that the truth is always obvious and is sitting plainly in view.  Our culture, directs our way of seeing the world and makes us understand it in one way.  We may be blind to an alternative understanding even when it's clearly in front of us.  Loyalty to "our own" can obscure the truth.

I tried Adapting