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There's more to innovation that thinking outside the square or brainstorming for ideas.

Who are the Innovators?
Innovators tend to ask more questions and to persist longer in the process of finding suitable answers.  Innovation is often just hard and uncertain and messy.  Innovation always starts with a vague idea, and only work by the champion can make that idea plain and clear.  Making the idea clear is critical to involving others and making visible progress.

Readiness for Opportunity
Opportunities only exist if you have previously made yourself ready.  It's a fact that only those who are prepared, or "ready" can "see" new opportunity early.  Ask better questions, work in a purposeful way.  Keep trying to do things that will be useful or valuable: learn. 

Veech Innovation Model
Innovation is not just about ideas, although ideas are important.  Innovation demands the help of people who will help to produce the product, and people who will use or buy the product.  Innovators must become communicators.