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  Keeping a Journal

  Truth Honesty

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  Knowledge Workers

You learn by what you do.  A great memory is cultivated by doing things that enhance memory.  Remembering ten thousand unrelated things is not very useful.  Ten connected and related ideas are likely to be far more valuable.  What do you need to DO to find those ideas for yourself?

Collecting Stories
A story is a small set of closely related facts.  People find it easy to remember stories.  Use stories to contain the things you need to remember.  Find or create your own stories that explain what you are learning.  Keep a record.

Counting and Measuring
Most people never think to gather data from the daily things they do.  One of the best ways to understand what's happening is to keep a score of some kind.  Counting or measuring is one way to do that.  What's the story those numbers tell?  Keep a record.

Join Social / Business Networks
Far from being a waste of time a good social network is a source of information and inspiration. Find people who share your interests.  Talk to them, and learn from them.

These are simple things are the pathway between you and your success.  This is work only you can do.

Knowlwdge and anti-knowledge