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For information workers "learning is how they do their jobs".  There are professional ways to proceed.  What each person brings to the job is different, and what each learns on the job is different.  For this reason one information worker cannot be replaced by another with the same result. 

Information workers are like artists.  They create a product that wasn't obvious before their work was done.  We can ask that they work to professional standards.  Sometimes what they produce is a surprise to others.  People don't like to be surprised, especially if this rocks the boat a little.  What information workers know may be politically sensitive.

It may be difficult to understand what an information worker is doing.  It may also be difficult to appreciate why an information worker comes to accept a particular "truth" if one has not taken the same journey.

For this reason information workers are subject to the www linkMartin Luther principle, their expertise may lead them to conclusions their superiors do not yet share.  As Martin Luther discovered, that is a dangerous situation.  There is no easy solution to this problem.  But best to keep it in the open, to talk about it, to act with knowledge, rather than to shoot the messenger