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www linkPeer to peer networks are distinctly different from traditional media.  There is a community of interest and a possibility of effective reply. 

Newspapers and television stations, were very happy to broadcast the propaganda for a war against Iraq

At the BBC, one www linkAndrew Gilligan broke ranks and told the world that the government had "sexed up" the intelligence about Iraq.  His report was wrong in some very minor detail and he lost his job.  A highly respected British scientist, www linkDr David Kelly, a weapons inspector in Iraq, spoke more of the truth than he was expected to utter, at an inquiry.

The governments case for war was tarnished and Kelly was attacked and hounded by the government, which made his name public.  Distressed, Dr Kelly apparently took his own life. 

In the peer to peer world of the internet, while there was strong debate, the misrepresentation in the mainstream media wasn't generally being accepted.  Why?  Because if my friend tries to indoctrinate me with some propaganda he ceases to be my friend.  Businesses or governments may chose to "spin" the truth, but my friends never do.

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