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The core question facing the world is the ability to speak honestly with each other.  This is a community issue.  Who is a member?  Who can I trust?  Can we take the risk of sustaining the truth in our dealings with each other?

Truth or "Political Truth"?
We live in a society that too often agrees to ignore the information, a society that constructs a fabric of mis-information or dis-information and agrees to call it "truth" if it helps us to gain some narrow advantage.  We live in a society facing serious problems; that continues to avoid the issue and calls that game business or politics.

Spreading lies and propaganda is a pollution of our thinking processes and is a crime against us all.  Such acts dishonour us as members of the community and destroy the trust on which the future must be built.  An notion of an "information society" is stillborn if "political spin" and propaganda are accepted as normal.  Public communications should meet high standards. 

Speaking Truth to Each Other.
To improve professional practice we need commitment to a desirable outcome, good training supported by a community of practice.  The ability to recognize and correct mistakes, arises out of the ability to www linkspeak the truth to each other.

Well Rooted
Deep strong roots allow the development of a massive tree.