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15 April, 2007
Dear Sir or Madam

I've been an Internet pioneer and my ambition is to pass on to as many people as possible the knowledge that I've gained. Working with your company, department or organization as a Network Ambassador or Educator and Trainer, I will help move people into larger mind spaces, to open doors to new learning and to foster leadership and innovation.  Let me be useful to you.

Can I bring two key ideas back to your attention? First to remind you of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Every week we hear horror stories about companies or organizations that have not yet understood that message. It's simple. People can and will say what they like.

The second idea comes from The New Zealand Institute. Over a year ago, they explained the need for firms everywhere, to become globally engaged. Wearing an "economists hat" they were of course thinking, "globally engaged in trade". But where does that start? "Global Engagement" begins in the mind of each person. It can best become personally meaningful in the context of personal friends and relatives across the world, or in terms of online relationships developed in social networks.

  • These are the objectives of a Global Engagement program for your organization.
  • Increased membership of professional Communities of Practice
  • Knowing more people across your own organization. More sharing. Fewer silos.
  • Knowing more people outside the organization on a professional or commercial basis.
  • Communication with these people. Discussions drive the organization.
  • Development of a global understanding, a new mind set, both broader and more open.
  • New information from fresh sources encourages learning and innovation.
  • Practise in communication and growing knowledge, develops self confidence.
  • Knowledgeable and self confident people tend to become leaders.

People can be led but not driven. There is opportunity here, but all employees won't choose to be involved. Some who begin won't follow through.

Before I begin to work inside your organization there must be knowledge and approval at the highest level. There must be a policy intention to promote change. There is risk involved, both risk in acting and risk in failure to act. That risk needs to be discussed and understood. Once a firm begins to globalize organizational thinking and learning, innovative ideas will soon demand attention. I don't promise that the path will be easy. But I'm sure in my mind that this is necessary and essential change.

I can start your organization on a journey, but I can't take it for you. Each person, each company, has to discover it's own path to digital literacy. I do understand that at a board level, there will be divided opinions. Educating the Board of Directors might be exactly the place to begin.

John Stephen Veitch
Director, Open Future Limited
Network Ambassador, Educator and Trainer
Telephone +64 3 352 8372
Mobile +64 21 0533661
Skype: johnsveitch