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John Stephen Veitch
Network Ambassador - Business Educator

30 January, 2007
Dear Sir or Madam

I'm a business educator and trainer.  My Ryze Guestbook explains a lot.
I believe that these three ideas are fundamental to exploring your business and personal future.

  • Find other people who share your interests and values. Join the groups they are in.
  • Communicate with these people. Engage in that discussion.
  • Global engagement is possible and that activity enlarges your expertise and is useful in your daily life. (Imagine "global", develop relationships, learn to collaborate.)

It concerns me greatly that this opportunity is not understood.  I can help.
Opportunity to learn and to innovate and to create new business is being lost. 
This letter now breaks into three parts.
If you are new to social networks read on here.

Experienced social network members should look here.

This page addresses the need for corporate policy and training.

By all means explore this site.
John Stephen Veitch
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