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Ameer S, 01/23/07:
Thanks for dropping by my page. Thanks for the tips as well! Your page is inspiring!

Sheri Johnson, 01/16/07:
John, I want to thank you for everything. You are awesome!

Bob Gallo, 01/10/07:
John, I just visited your blog. Thanks for posting such good information on using Ryze. I've been a member a while, and have bounced between Free and Gold, but have not really tried to use it because I could not find any really good explanations of how to get value from Ryze. Your blog helped a lot and gave me a lot of great info for using Ryze, thank you so much.

Richard Weisenberger, 01/08/07:
Thanks for stopping by! Very nice concept you have here! I was so impressed that I joined your network. There is so much we can learn from each other here at Ryze!

Katie Bourland, 01/06/07:
John, Thanks for signing my guestbook and for the comments you made. You have the most intriguing profile that I have ever read. Makes me want to sit down and have a great conversation with you. My Ryze profile is evolving as I evolve. I look forward to running across you on Ryze. I never realized until today that signing peoples guestbooks was such an excellent way to connect with people. Glad to have made your acquaintance.

Thakur Pradeep, 01/05/07:
Thank you a lot for telling me how i need to work on my page ..i can learn a lot from how your page looks ...i would also like to apologize for replying so late ..i would definitely like to be your friend and learn more from you ....i hope you also would like to be my friend

Neethu Paul, 01/02/07:
Good Analysis I must say! :-) Wishing you a wonderful year ahead John!

Mary Beth Cameron, 01/02/07:
Hi John; I absolutely LOVE your pics -- pure happiness! Thanks so much for letting me know about your feelings re: the importance of supporting one another in co-creating and protecting the sanctity of our Ryze communities. The true sharing of knowledge, of our success stories, our recipes for prosperity .. this is our legacy and what we all have to share with one another .. given enough time, patience and love. It is beginning to come together now! Gratitude. Happy New Year 2007!

Neethu Paul, 12/21/06:
Hi John, Smiled while reading thru your page! its great to see someone with the spirit that you have! I've had a great admiration for people who dance, love to dance myself but haven't learned a particular style yet ... though plan to join Tango classes next week ... Christmas gift to myself :-) Hope to stay in touch and be yet more inspired :-)

M Delores Randolph, 12/06/06:
Hi John, Awesome home page you have. Thanks so much for your invaluable input and signing my guestbook. I am looking forward to networking.

Manoj Sethu, 11/30/06:
Hi Mr Veitch, I am with a Scottish elearning company based in Bangalore. We do have a lot of interests in Asia-Pacific-Australia-NZ region. It would be good to meet when you are in India.

Dev --, 11/24/06:
Thanks John, I am taking your advice seriously. I am not sure what to write on my home page. There are a lot to speak about. Trying to come up with something interesting.

D. R. Rawson, 11/10/06:
Hello John, Over many months I've noticed you and your posts. Shame on me that I haven't stop by just to say, "Thanks." You ARE having an impact on people. What a great legacy.
So, keep up the good work. There are many of us paying attention to what you say.

Narry's Culinary Solutions, 10/23/06:
Thank you John..for the very warm welcome and the awesome links... Would be a pleasure writing in on the network..whenever I have something interesting to say.

Kaushik Seal, 10/23/06:
Hi John!   Thanx for signing my GB. Your comments well noted. I shall redo my Ryze page as & when I get some time....

Dawn Mular, 10/18/06:
Hi John! How are you doing these days? Hope all is well! Hey I just discovered your networking for newbies and Ryze blogs, mind if I share them with my career seekers?  You are MOST amazing my friend!

Anoop Shamdasani, 10/09/06:
Hi John, I'm new here, and still finding my way around. I found your page via your Innovation Network, and read your recent "Ryze for Newbies" posting. I'm now going to follow some of the links on your page. Nice to have people like you on the network.

Adrian Yong, 10/01/06:
Hi John, I was led to your page from your 'Newbies Step by Step' blog. Enjoyed your pointers and learned some new things. I need to make some changes to my page content soon. I look forward to making more interesting connections in Ryze.

"RV" Viswanathan, 09/27/06:
Hi John, Came to your page via someone else's. It is quite fascinating to read your range of interests. Hope we can keep in touch. One advantage of Ryze is that it kills distance.

Tiago Castro, 09/22/06:
Hi John, Thank you for your welcoming words. Im sure that my web page needs a total make over. I did it in 10 minutes, just to have something there that could introduce me. Ive been planning to change it for weeks, but unfortunately, time is a scarce element in my life these days. Ill change it and interact more here on Ryze as soon as I can. Ive just joined a few networks and nothing more. I would be really pleased to learn and interact here.

Andy Stockton, 09/13/06:
Hi John; Thanks for the information. I have already began reading it and it looks like it will be very beneficial. I am sure that I can learn a llot from your vast experiences if I just pay attention. Thanks so much for the jump start.

Lennart Palme, 09/12/06:
John, I was struck by your thoughtful and informative response to a post by Gali seeking advice on networking. I enjoyed learning more about you on your page. I would like to get to know you better.

Jon Bianco, 09/09/06:
John, Thanks for your welcoming words. Yes, my web page needs lot's of work: I just put some bricks and mortar together in a pile and a sing that says 'opened for business' --that's as much of a nice thing I can say about my own web presence.
In the other hand, your web page is very nicely laid-out and tells me a lot about you. I'll be using your information to get myself acquainted with Ryze.

Jean Ackle, 09/06/06:
Hi John!  Your entry in my GuestBook was awesome! And I never thought I'd be saying this sentence... Yes, it's true I've been somewhat slow here at Ryze. I'm speeding up a bit now, but don't expect too much! But your links, advice and network will surely help. About your page, that's The Real Guide To Ryze (its TOC at the very least!) and more!

Preeti P, 09/05/06:
Hi John, Thank you for the warm welcome. I visited your network today found it so interesting and at the same time I learned a lot by spending a few moments there. Your home page is even more interesting. It is good to know you. I am grateful to ryze for making a few wonderful friends.

Danielle (Dani) Cutler, 08/31/06:
Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful posts and great insight. I always smile a bit brighter when I see you've made a post on Truth Seekers. :-) You're wonderful.

Mario Bledsoe, 08/28/06:
Hello John, Thanks for letting me use your page as a model. I'm very impressed with your Journey through life. I wish you continued success!!!

Bob Harding, 08/23/06:
I really appreciate your input to me yesterday and am very happy to know you. I hope you and I can become friends in "Real Life".

Ravi Shankar, 08/21/06:
Hi John, thanks for the inputs.

Sakshi Arora, 08/19/06:
Joining ryze seems to be worth if only because of your page sir! its extremely informative... thanks a ton.

George Castro, 08/17/06:
Hello John, I found you through another post about how to get the most out of Ryze and I must say you have done a very good job. I had many questions and many were answered. Thank you for taking the time to help others with your knowledge.

Ritu, 08/10/06:
Hi John, Glad that you enjoyed corporate humor on my page.
& thanx for sharing all those tips which are indeed very valuable for everyone at Ryze...In fact I myself made quiet a few mistakes not opening my GB & thus lost out on many potential networking opportunities. I find all your tips worthwhile & will keep revisiting them

Milagros Pizarro, 08/09/06:
Hi John. I got some hints, hope i'm doing it right now. Ops!..So right that I signed out in my own guestbook. Sorry, I will get used to it. I wish to be part of Ryze family for a long time and make a lot of friends worldwide. I am open to new ideas.

Deborah DeGrande, 08/05/06:
Hi there. Thanks for signing my guest book. I actually took everything off my Ryze page but it was never very colorful to begin with. I don't know how to do the fonts and colors and stuff like that. Where can I get help? Its nice to meet you and I will pop by your discussion forum.

Jean Moree, 08/04/06:
Hey John, Thanks for signing my guestbook and visiting my Ryze page. I've been pretty active on most networks for a while - but mostly the parents, WAHM, and women networks. Just recently started posting more to the business networks and "networking" networks - if that's even a term .... Anyway, I too have been "rethinking my position" on many things lately [as you state above]. Always good to keep an open mind.

Nyvia Roman, 07/28/06:
Thank you for your assistance, I will definitely work on improving my page. I hope to get another opinion from you. Thanks!

Stephen Conroy, 07/26/06:
Hi John, Always enjoy "hearing" from you whether in your articles or on your posts.

Nita Jatar Kulkarni, 07/24/06:
Thanks John for your advice. I am not exactly internet savvy (though not internet illiterate) so its going to take me some time to improve my home page. Your home page is very impressive. I will have to go back to it again to absorb everything.
What you said about religion is interesting. I do not believe in organized religion. Organized religion is too judgmental and narrow-minded and sometimes evil. In fact most of the intensely religious people I know are not good people... this is my personal experience. My religion is to be a good human being.

Kira Goettling, 07/23/06:
Hi John, Thank you for joining the new "Ethical Discourse' network. It has been a dream of mine to develop a web-based site where ideas, insights and explorations into ethical issues can be shared by freely around the world. I look forward to learning from you!

Vaibhav Chug, 07/19/06:
Thanks a lot sir, would be uploading a few snaps and putting in more material as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your inputs and advice

Satej Deoras, 07/19/06:
Thanks sir... i have got an idea seeing your page.. i will be working on my page to provide the right information....

Akshay Sharma, 07/18/06:
Thank you so much for your guidance Sir. Its really been a great help.

Shrivallabh Kulkarni, 07/11/06:
Hi John, I read your response to Anand Giri's posting on self development. You have mentioned some real good facts and ideas in your posting. I am so happy you also mentioned Toastmasters in there. I am a member of India's first Toastmasters club and as you rightly said, peer learning in that forum has really helped me a great deal in my own self development.

Faye Durham, 07/08/06:
Hi John, It is nice to meet you and learn about your interests. Your interest in the environment is a deserving and noble cause. Wishing you much success.

Sue Widney, 06/27/06:
Hi John, Thank you for visiting my Ryze page and signing my guestbook. I appreciate the kind words. I think your page is very informative and plan to visit and read often.

Amit Kalla, 06/23/06:
Hello John, Thanks for leaving a message. Actually, I am a regular on step by step blog and never read something like this about online networking anywhere on the web. Your writings (blogs and posts in various networks) are like taking guesswork out of business networking online.

And the best part is you are offering it for FREE. A must read for EVERY new entrant on ryze and some of the articles would even make the experienced think again. Simply brilliant.

Carol Ross, 06/22/06:
Hello to John Down Under from Carol (Up Over?) in the USA,
New to Ryze Community and enjoying myself here. Your blog post of advice to newbies helped me SO much to 'get it' that I even posted it on home page right now. So since you're already there, we might as well be friends. By the way, I found it through Marilyn of Florida. Your pages are impressive, John, I'll be looking for you again.

Anita Vasudeva, 06/18/06:
Thanks John, for your welcome. Just back from a desperately needed break - short, but good. Will soon enter the talk at the Innovation Network - probably going to spend the first few days listening in before I jump in.

Sahishnu, 06/16/06:
Hi John, Thanks for comments on my page. Coming from you, it is a great compliment. Thanks and KIT

Sahishnu, 06/15/06:
Hi John, Please have a look at my page. I have redone it. Your honest opinion would be highly appreciated. Secondly do you have any tracking software to track visitors to your page? Just curious to know.

Shantanu Sharma, 06/14/06:
Hi John! Thank you for stopping by and signing my guestbook! I found your guide "Adapt to Experience" very helpful. There is indeed a lot that I can learn from you, so I look forward to your guidance and friendship.

Poonam Gupta, 05/30/06:
I have added you on my friends' list. Tell me what can I do for you?

Choksy Consulting -, 05/29/06:
John, It is a pleasure to meet you and would welcome for your input.

Linda, 05/28/06:
Hi John, I am new to Ryze and I found your information on "First steps on Ryze" very helpful and agree that it is good to be open to change and learning. I am glad that I stopped by your page and look forward to speaking with you.

Doug Leedy, 05/27/06:
Hi John, You seem to be a cutting-edge kind of guy, and that's more important now than ever. It looks like I can learn something from you. Please add me to your friends list.

Marilyn Kvasnok, 05/20/06:
Hi John, I dropped by your site to get the link to your Newbies Blog for a friend. It helped me when I first joined Ryze. I was so impressed with it that I put a link to your Ryze site on mine - Including a sincere thank you. It's hard to believe that was over a year ago!

Donyell Nelson, 04/19/06:
I read your comment about Networking on "Minding Your Own Business". I am a little wrote it in November, but I am sure you still feel the same way. It's funny that I came across that post because it was just what I was looking for at the time. Thanks.

Jan Verhoeff, 04/16/06:
Your comments about networking are right on. First seek to make friends, build resources, and help others, then show them what you have. I've found sales is so easy, once people trust me. My interests are more centered around my business, which is helping others build businesses of their own.

Prasheila Lookhar, 04/14/06:
Hello!, Thanks for the suggestions. Will see how much I can actually do as have to complete the article tonight. :)

Dennis Roberts, 04/04/06:
Thanks for giving me a prod to get into using Ryze.

Leslie O'Connor, 03/31/06:
Dear John, It's been awhile. I've been working several Trade Shows & haven't been Ryzing lately, but now I'm back. Please look at my page again. I've added more info to it. I enjoyed looking at your page also again. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Take care & keep in touch.

John James O'Brien, 03/22/06:
Hi John, John from Hong Kong here. Long time no chat - hope all is well. Visited Oz earlier this month...must find a way to get to NZ, would love to connect and discuss mutual interests. Ciao for now-joy gin!

Don Nwose, 03/14/06:
John, Thanks you for showing everyone the way to success on Ryze. Looking forward to networking with you. I look forward to your response to my private message.

Brenda Mogensen, 03/07/06:
Hi John: Its good to see that Ballroom Dancing is alive and well. Where we live they just started Latin and American dancing. Haven't been to it yet. My husband is a bit unsure about this, has two left feet. Some of us do start like this don't they??
New zealand is a lovely place for a holiday. I spent a few months working in Auckland in a shoe factory. A new arrival from Canada boy was it cold there. Still love it.

John Incantalupo, 03/07/06:
Hi John, I just read through your Blog for Newbies (linked to from Virtual Handshake network on Ryze) - very informative - thank you! I just started Ballroom Dancing lessons with my wife of 20 years - thought you might have some advice on that also!

Anuj Shahane, 03/05/06:
Hi John, Well yes, I do network, but it has no commercial purpose. It's interesting to meet people with talent and hobbies which one wished one could do and have. Thats a lovely part of the planet you live in, New Zealand.

Ken Unger, 03/03/06:
Thanks for stopping by my page. I've always wanted to visit NZ. It's such a beautiful country. A dear friend of mine went to visit and never came back!

Ashish Pranami, 02/26/06:
Hi, Very informative resume of yours on your page. I'm very glad to know person like you.

Ken Unger, 02/25/06:
I have enjoyed reading your bio on your ryze page. Wish you the best in your business! Stop by and visit my Ryze page. I do retreats and offer a free Inspirational Newsletter. Have a good day:)

Stacy Lytwyn Maxwell, 02/20/06:
Hi John, This newbie thanks you for all your kind help! I can see why you have so many friends!

Hamid Daie, 02/20/06:
Hi, Thank you for your kind note. I wasn't aware of having achieved a whole lot on Ryze, but I will take the complement and feel humble that some may feel that way. Hope all is well with yourself and your family.

Rachel deHar "Character Driven Marketing, 02/19/06:
Hi John, Great to see another Kiwi online. Love your profile by the way and hope to have the chance to network with you further.

Lee Eby, 02/15/06:
Hi John, Thanks for sending your article. It has been very helpful. I feel as though I am still brand new to ryze. I am only 29 and have a lot to learn about life and business. I look forward to learning more from you.

Bhaskar M V, 02/04/06:
Thanks for your message on my guest book. I wish the PM or Finance Minister of India would also do that. Poverty in India would come down by a million or so if a few of my ideas are implemented.

Gaurav Tekriwal, 02/01/06:
Hi John, Thought I would just pass by and say HELLO to one of my best old friend from Ryze! :)
How are you keeping? I wish you peace and prosperity! :)

Leslie O'Connor, 01/28/06:
Good Morning John, Thanks so much for signing my guest book. I liked what you said in your note to me about me being very coachable. I'm real new with Ryze & also to computers, but it's a lot of fun. Look forward to getting to know you. Have a great weekend.

Kapena Decker, 01/28/06:
Hi John, Nice Ryze page. Just browsing ryze and stopping by to say hello. You seem like a great guy, we definitely gotta work together. I'm still in need of a leader in New Zealand. Please do keep in touch.

T.E.A.M. Mom!, 01/26/06:
Hi John, just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I have enjoyed reading thru your many posts on so many of the networks, especially your blogs on ryze! Thanks so much for all the time you have invested and spent compiling all of this wealth of information for everyone to use! Have a wonderful day, Patricia

Jeff Dielle, 01/23/06:
Hi, John. At your suggestion, I'm starting to explore Ryze. I'm going to start with the Innovation Network.

Dwayne Elam, 01/21/06:
Hello John! Love you Site! IT is AWESOME! I definitely have some of the same philosophies as you.
"Nothing is more important than developing the ability to learn and understand new things that enable you to change. If you can change your future is open. If you are incapable of change your future is closed."
You are SO RIGHT ON! Looks as if we have some very specific similarities. Do drop in sometime and say Hello. IT would be great to hear from you!

Leo Hanes, 01/20/06:
Hi John, I am glad I stopped by. ... also bookmarked your Step by Step for Newbees.....Best advice I have seen for a while, even tho I have been on Internet for a few years now.

Kathy Lewis, 01/15/06:
John, It is nice to meet you. It is a pleasure to see someone that wants to help others. I will get to your site for newbies as soon as possible.

Celeste Smucker, 01/12/06:
Hi John, Always good to meet another Toastmasters enthusiast. I just completed my 5th speech in the initial book...I just love it...and I'm also getting to be a better public speaker.

Ed and Yvonne Servis, 01/11/06:
Hi John, I am glad I stopped by here. You indeed are a very well grounded person that obviously knows where you are, where you've been, and where you are going.

Leeann Redman, 01/10/06:
Thank you John, for the much appreciated note. Great info on your Ryze page. I'll explore it. I find your comment: "Both the following statements are valid" very interesting. You have identified a paradox in your life. My experience: it is a rich starting point for personal discovery, growth, & it is connected with health & well being. One of the most interesting books I have found on the subject is called "Paradox and Healing." Literature, Art & Music all strive to express this the human aspect of the human condition. "To be or not to be" I will have to give that some thought. Very shakespeare. Some how "Why not?" comes to mind. Success, Health & Happiness.

Terra Meyer, 01/08/06:
John, Hello, I must say it took a bit of time to pore over your profile. How interesting. I plan on joining your Veech Innovation Network. I will not bilobate here any further even though I may now have your attention with that "word" LOL. Your consideration is likely needed elsewhere. Have a super successful year!

John James O'Brien, 01/04/06:
Hi John, Thanks for the GB entry - looking forward to the PM you mentioned. Great blogs, by the way. and I love the jive photo - I took up Bollywood here in Hong Kong - talk about fun and exercise!

Salil Gandhi, 01/01/06:
Hello, I am looking for business opportunities abroad. Can you help me?

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