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Everybody has community contacts.  It's very useful in your life to actively work to increase the number of contacts you have and to intensify the connection you have to a selected group.  

Today it's both possible and practical to network in a global way.  Networking across cultures increases your awareness of other cultures.  This simple connection will increase your exposure to new ideas, improve your learning rate and intensify your ability to generate innovative ideas.

I've found that people are reluctant to join listservs, and even more reluctant to join social networks.  You can only be where you are in your life, but try to understand that joining groups of like minded people is the key to making the "Internet information highway" a real force in you life.  We learn from making contact with other people and by engaging them in conversations.  The easiest way to do this is to join a social network. 

There are thousands of listserv's or "groups" covering every type of interest.  A good groups will have regular mail for your inbox, that's not a problem, it's not personal mail, read only what interests you, delete the rest.

Social networks are more complex, but there's lots of help available in the links on the left.