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by Arnnei Speiser.

New Zealand's Premier Networker

From: Arnnei Speiser
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005
To: VirtualHandshakeNZ@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Building a Powerful Network

Building a network is a time consuming task. Once you've managed to create your network, it is burden to maintain.

In order to justify the time investment and efforts, you have to have a goal and means to evaluate your progress.

In other words, if you are not trying to achieve something using the wonderful tool of networking, then you'll probably give up in the middle.

From my own experience, those people who do not use the networking option are people who did not understand the hidden potential of the tool - or, they believe their goals and priorities do not require them to have a network.

For example, many businesses in New Zealand do not see themselves as exporters. They rely on old fashioned local P2P networking. That's often enough to sustain the business. Why bother with an international opportunity of networking world wide?

I think that perception is unique to New Zealand (percentages wise...).

Most of the western world businesses, of any size, realize that today's world is a "virtual" world. The same goes for most businesses today.

I don't do my printing in New Zealand - it is cheaper to do it over the internet (God know's where) and we get the order in the mail within 2 weeks.

In the next few years, any business will have a direct competition - not just from his local competitors - but also from "virtual" businesses off shore who will be cheaper and even more efficient.

One way to get on in this world, is to start understanding it - by creating networks. So here is a goal for you....


Arnnei Speiser
Managing Director
External Link Mega AS Consulting Ltd

Cellular: + 64 21 782 223
Skype: arnneisp

Mega AS Consulting Ltd.
PO Box 55227
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Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand


External LinkEuan Semple, Head of Knowledge Management, BBC

"The internet enables globally distributed, near instant, person to person conversations. Are your enabling such conversations inside your organisation? Are you interested in helping your people find each other, learn from each other and to use these connections to improve your efficiency and increase your ability to innovate."


External LinkChristian Mayaud, MD, offers the following advice, specifically about External LinkLinkedIn.

1: Most people are not Networkers
LinkedIn offers basic networking with training wheels for new networkers. We have seen explosive growth of in LinkedIn membership which may reach 10 million in 2006. A "People Search Engine" coupled with a human filtered referral request system has a broad market appeal. The reality is that most people joining LinkedIn are not networkers and will remain "Non-Networkers".

2: Managing Networks is like Herding Cats
You don't own your network and you can't control your network. A Network is alive and it grows on it's own. You can influence and nurture your network but it's always half-wild, half-domesticated, and never tamable.

Networks are self organising systems.

3: Networkers will always be a tiny minority of all members
While a few people may wish to become superconnectors, that is not necessary. It is important to build your own base of connections. Over time each persons network will evolve naturally and not indiscriminately. You can have control over the growth and direction of your personal network.


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