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The Future is Collaborative

By Gerry McGovern

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The network rewards collaborators and punishes hoarders.  The future belongs to those who can combine the strength of community with the openness of globalization.

Many organizations face the challenge of a silo mentality that the intranet will help to break down.

Scandinavia is an amazing place. You would think its high taxes would discourage entrepreneurship, yet it produces some of the most innovative companies in the world. Every time I visit Denmark I'm struck by the cooperative and collaborative nature of its people. They are constantly sharing ideas, constantly trying to learn new and better ways of doing things.

To trade we must trust. Primitive societies will only trust members of their own community. Sophisticated societies will trust the stranger as well.

We can embrace tradition and innovation. We can share and collaborate. In the global network of the Internet, these are things that will make us stronger and more prosperous.

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Modern electronic networks
many very weak links and willingness to share.

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