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Notes for Effective Networking
by John S Veitch

  Understanding the lessons your life is teaching you.  

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First a quick lesson in cell biology within the human body.  Millions of cells die in your body every day, and they are constantly being replaced. The cells in your body are programmed to die, and die quickly if required. All the cells in your body are continually exchanging "don't die" signals with each other, provided each cell is correctly performing it's function. If a cell malfunctions or is somehow "out of position" the surrounding cells withhold the "don't die" signal and the cell dies "immediately". It's like turning off a switch.

A Networking Analogy
Let's assume also that far from being programmed to be selfish and greedy and independent, people are naturally cooperative, helpful and social, even to the extent of dying on command. (It's a thought experiment go with it.)

The person, is shaped by society, told how to be, and where participate and how to get "don't die" signals. We discover that "don't die" signals are of many kinds, love , respect, appreciation, acknowledgement and understanding. We recognise that if we have membership status in several organisations, we can get "don't die" signals from more and more places.  Are you interested now? Read the full text.


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