Important Learning Occurs in Groups

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   Occurs in Groups

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Bullet The importance of cohorts
You learn on the playing field, where opinions are validated, values mediated, beliefs formed and assumptions are tested.  Apprenticeship is the natural way to learn.

Bullet Sharing meaning
Shared meaning is the difference between personal knowing and acquired understanding or social knowledge.  To make meaning explicit and ensure alignment, it is essential to test assumptions in a group situation.

Bullet Deep learning, identity and dialog
Knowing is an act of participation, knowledge is more a living process than acquisition of an object, it is closely tied to who we are and emerges in dialog or through copy and practice.  Learning is more about community than content

Bullet Boundary hopping and busting prototypes
Through language we have the ability to bring forth a different future.  As linguistic beings, we individually create our reality in language.  Our workplace reality is constructed by our social conversations.  It is also through language that we are able to shift the reality of the community.

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