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Innovation and the Human Spirit

By Ben Botes, MA, MScSource: Newsletter from My 1st Business

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Innovation has displaced quality as the standard for differentiation. Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Innovation is a necessity for continued existence, and is vital to any organisation's success.

Innovation has always been a primary challenge of leadership. Yet the human capacity to invent and create is universal. Ours is a living world of continuous creation and infinite variation.

We cannot cope, much less create, in this increasingly fast and turbulent world without each other. If we try to do it alone, we will fail. There is no substitute for human creativity, human caring, human will.

As leaders, as neighbours, as colleagues, it is time to turn to one another, to engage in the intentional search for human goodness. We need everybody's creativity to find our way through this strange New World. We can realise that "You can't hate someone whose story you know." We are our only hope for creating a future worth working for. We can't go it alone, we can't get there without each other, and we can't create it without relying anew on our fundamental and precious human goodness.

An innovative attack that failed.
World opinion clearly supported the USA.

But "War on Terror" was an instinctive and unimaginative use of force.

Terrorism is a criminal act.  We needed an innovative unifying response.
"If we try to do it alone, we will fail."