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Recommended Business Links

Beyond the Information Society

"Enabling Communities to Create the World we Want" is a statement prepared for the World Summit for the Information Society. This is the plan of action from Canada's Civil Society Group. There is a longer report too if you need it.

Power to the Edges

This is an American Study. "Power to the Edges" about how non-profit organisations and political parties can use the Internet to achieve amazing results. Then again, sometimes the window of opportunity is tiny. If you don't do the right things, you can still fail.

Why Societies Collapse

This is an interview with Jared Diamond on the topic, "The Rise and Fall of Civilizations." This is timely. It should be read in conjunction with the work of Herman H Daly. Think "downshift" and apply what you know to Dr Mario Raich's work on "The Knowledge Economy."

Important Learning in Groups

This is an example of a Blog from Spike Hall. The topic is adult education. It's about the work of Denham Grey and Fourth Generation Research and Development.

Action Learning

Recently Dr Hans Maurer contacted me to inform me about the IMC Association who run an Action Learning Programme. For some of you this may be the way to complete a degree and continue to manage your business.

Granovetter's Weak Ties Theory

This is a small diagram and some brief notes. Pre-internet, research into the use of networks by job seekers showed that it was those with many weak network ties who were most successful in making satisfactory transitions to new jobs.

How Online Networks Benefit Organisations

Howard Rheingold is one of the best authorities on what the Internet is good for. This essay that he writes with Lisa Kimball is very interesting. "How online Social Networks Benefit Organisations"

Steady State Economics

The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) is the foremost group promoting on the development of Steady State Economics. This is a topic dear to my heart. It's been clear for 40 years that the sort of high energy use "development" we've been using can't be sustained. How do we downshift? It's an important question.

"Off-shoring Manifesto"

Knowledge Economics

Professor Mario Raich, of Educatis University in Switzerland has asked some very important questions about the economic future. The article is a PDF file called "Delphi study on Economics and Political Economics in the Age of Knowledge." Many of the questions asked have a place at the board table. You are asked to contribute by answering the questions in this PDF file, and there is a conference planned for 2006.

Cluetrain Manifesto

This is a very old document now (April 1999). The writers did get a little carried away. The best of it is in the beginning. However I'm increasingly impressed that some of the more outlandish statements are in fact new realities on the Internet. This is the HTML version of the Cluetrain Manifesto. There is a PDF version here.


If you are in business you should be a member of LinkedIn, and you should work at it enough to build up at least 30 connections. LinkedIn is a directory of people, driven by an excellent search engine. Joining LinkedIn makes you findable, but only if you have links to other people. (Hence the need to build some connections) You can join LinkedIn here. I've written a help file for new members of LinkedIn here.


If you want to be found, and found promoting the thing you want to be identified with, keeping a blog is an excellent idea. Blogger is a nice simple way to do this. You should also learn how to use Technorati Tags in your blog.

One of the key problems we all face is to keep track of the important ideas we find important. We can't remember events and details as accurately as we imagine we can. On the web, bookmarks help. is a way to bookmark things you've found on the WWW with keywords you've selected (called tags). This means that by using your keywords you can recall the items of interest.

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