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The text in this site is enlarged to make screen reading easy. That creates problems if you want to print the articles.

Where we have been able, you will find a link to a print page. That page is the same except for some navigation graphics that may have been removed. A new footer tells you where the page came from and who the author is. Print pages use a different style sheet which makes the text much smaller and suitable for printing.

However your browser might be set up to ignore my style sheet, so regardless of what style I've used, your browser may simply use it's own style.

My own Internet Explorer and Opera browsers print the print pages perfectly, but my Mozilla browser prefers it's own internally set font.

If your browser prints the print pages with text that is too large, you may be able to change the browser settings to use the style sheet on the page being viewed. The alternative is to choose the "Printable version here" option. Use Ctrl+A to highlight the page and Ctrl+C to copy the page. Paste that into your word processor. The text should now be whatever font you usually use for writing. If not you know how to change it.

You might need to set up a paragraph style that gives space between paragraphs. and remove all the empty paragraphs in the file before printing. In Word, change Normal Style so that it has a 6pt space after a paragraph. Then delete any empty paragraphs. Ctrl-H which gives you find and replace. Then in find put ^p^p and in replace put ^p. That will remove the empty paragraphs when you run it.

Experienced users may choose to write a macro that will do this sort of repetitive work.

To change your browser print mode


Select "File" then "Preferences" Alt-p

Select "page Style" then in "User" choose "Page style sheet" and "Page fonts and colors".

Select "File" then "Print options" set all to 0.5cm.


You have to be aggressive here

Choose "File" and "Page Setup" then "Margins & Headers" alter Margins to 10mm left, right, top and bottom.

Choose "Edit" and "Preferences" and "Appearance" then "Fonts"
Mozilla likes to print in the font you choose, so for printing you need a small font like 12 pixels. (This alters your screen text too.)

Internet Explorer

Choose "File" and "Page Setup" then alter Margins to 0.25 inches left, and right, 0.75 inches top and 0.5 inches bottom.

If you are having problems still, let me know.

MailJohn S Veitch