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John Stephen Veitch

  Understanding the lessons your life is teaching you.  

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I've tried all my life to become professionally trained and to provide useful and practical services to my clients.  I've had a good measure of both success and failure.  Treasure the failures, they energise your future success.

I have a Diploma in Education and a degree in Business Studies.  More importantly I've worked for 20 years to understand why academic knowledge in education, business and economics doesn't deliver the expected return on investment.  I describe myself as a business educator for management with a special interest in successful innovation. 

You can learn much about my personal journey and my interests from the links on the left.  I'm happy to talk to you or your Board of Directors about improving communication, becoming globally engaged, and improving innovation practices.

While I live in Christchurch New Zealand, I can easily offer services internationally using Internet tools.  However my greatest concern is to improve innovation processes in New Zealand businesses.  Innovation is essential to success, but basic knowledge about innovation is poorly understood.  In particular if you don't understand the importance of vague ideas, please explore that link.  Developing real innovations is difficult and takes real effort in real time.  On the other hand most firms can make a lot of progress along the route of many small adaptive changes.  I always find ways to be useful to the people in my network.  We should be talking.  It costs you nothing to open the conversation.

John S Veitch
John Stephen Veitch - 2006